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Music Equality Forum

Music Equality Forum: eliminating the gender gap in the music industry.

Music Equality Forum (MEF) was born out of the need to combat gender inequalities in the music industry. MEF is possible thanks to the union that is generated between BIME and different groups that fight for a fairer industry that guarantees equal participation with free and equal access to resources, recognition and decision making.


We started working with Asociación MIM (Mujeres de la Industria de la Música) to develop a programme focused on gender equality.


We engaged with Keychange, a global network and movement working for a total restructuring of the music industry to achieve full gender equality.


We gave greater recognition and visibility to women and LGTBIQ+ in our BIME Pro programme.


Increasing the number of collaborations with women’s and LGTBIQ+ focused groups


We created the Music Equality Forum (MEF) space.


We continue to forge key partnerships and bring visibility to gender inequality in the music industry.


Objective: to continue to give visibility to all the groups fighting for the elimination of gender inequality in the sector and to strengthen our board.


  • 86% of women in the music industry claim to have encountered a barrier to recruitment (MIM Association, 2022).
  • This year, for the first time in history, a trans woman has been nominated for Premio Lo Nuestro in the Female Artist category (LATV, 2023).
  • In the last 10 years only 13.6% of GRAMMY nominations have gone to women (Inclusion In The Recording Studio?, 2022).
  • “In Latin America only 15% of discographies are owned by women” (Linda Criollo, 2021).
  • “Despite the fact that, indisputably, the origin of music is from the African continent, in the mainstream and in the music that is most consumed in the different sectors and in the different genres, the majority of artists are not of African descent” (Edna Liliana Valencia, 2023).


For all these reasons, this year we have decided to develop a compilation of international groups that advocate for full equality in the music industry. The aim of all this is to enable anyone who is part of a minority group to contact and/or join groups that seek to ensure that all people have the same opportunities and feel protected in the sector.

You can download the following button to download the Directory of Women’s and/or LGTBIQ+ Groups that we have created in collaboration with Femnoise and Sorority Lab.

Número de agrupaciones inscritas

✷ We are still looking for groups to add to our directory… are you one of them?


With the support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, BIME is part of the Keychange project since 2018, a global network and movement working for a total restructuring of the music industry to achieve full gender equality.

✷ 2nd Edition of the Ibero-American BIME Equity Awards

In 2022, we decided that it was necessary to reward all those initiatives that work for gender equality in the music industry.

In this way, we created the BIME Equity Ibero-American Awards with the collaboration of Amazon Music.

This year, we will hold the second edition of the awards and the winning initiatives will again donate their prize to the project of their choice.