BOGOTÁ 8-11 MAY 2024

BILBAO 29/10 - 01/11 2024



BIME stands out for its convening power for the industry, being the ideal place for commercial development, knowledge exchange and business creation. A meeting place for music and Cultural and Creative Industries professionals.


Short meetings organised in which BIME attendees will have a few minutes to present their work to renowned professionals, with the aim of helping them to expand their business or enter new markets.

Registration process

1- Register on our Online Platform, logging in with the details we send you after purchasing your ticket.

2- Go to the menu “Speedmeetings”.

3- Browse through the sessions, and access the ones that interest you most.

Acceptance of meetings

On 21 October we will generate a “calendar of meetings”. You will be able to see the time of each accepted meeting in your profile on the Online Platform, in the Speedmeetings section.

Where will the meetings be held?

This year, all Speedmeetings sessions will be held on the Speedmeetings balcony of the Euskalduna Palace. Make sure you are available 15 minutes before each meeting, as meetings last only 7 minutes.

Pitch Sessions

Presentations of local talent from different countries and territories by export offices.


The perfect opportunity to meet other professionals over a cocktail.

Find out more about the different networking activities soon.



Conoce el territorio musical que vio nacer a Rosalía
Miércoles 26 a las 12:30 en la sala 0A

¿Quieres conocer a los artistas de Catalunya? ¿Buscas talento para tu sala o festival? ¿Nuevos artistas o colaboraciones para tu sello? En la pitch session de Catalan Arts podrás conocer a la selección de agencias de booking y management catalanas mientras disfrutas de un cóctel con pintxos y bebidas.


Adéntrate en lo mejor de la industria musical alemana
Miércoles 26 a las 17:00 en la sala 0A

Initiative Musik trae a lo mejor del mercado alemán a BIME. Entre los participantes de la sesión podrás encontrar agencias de management, marcas y profesionales como: Springstoff, St -Vladimir, Ok Ciao, GMOI o Maelføy, entre otros.