BOGOTÁ 8-11 MAY 2024

BILBAO 29/10 - 01/11 2024

Fest Awards


Premios Fest is the only recognition in Spain dedicated to music festivals. Quality brand of the sector and the annual meeting of festival promoters. A project that allows to link professionals and numerous brands with their audience, generating annual information that will be the subject of study and publication.

What are they?

The only recognition in Spain dedicated exclusively to music festivals.

Its mission is to recognize, value, celebrate the work and creativity of professionals responsible for the development of Music Festivals held in Spain.

Its purpose: to be a seal of quality, of international reference, with which to distinguish the best events, also developing a platform that provides a forum for information, reflection and analysis of the sector.

Our values are independence, diversity, the pursuit of excellence, the desire to grow and improve, a team of professionals in different areas, and the desire to integrate the voices of industry professionals through their associations.



Direction and Coordination :
Tania Tomás

Content, RRSS, Contests, Festival support